‘Serving People to make Effective Choices’

Cultivate Connection aids the development and growth of an organisation, business or idea by promoting collaboration and innovation, and supporting the implementation of sustainable new ways; across corporate and community sectors.

WHY? There is no faster, more effective way to move from where you are to where you want to be than setting purpose and values-based intentions and outcomes and having aligned, passionate and supportive people as part of your network and team.

Offering over 15 years of professional business and personal development experience across private, public and community sectors, in Australia and United Kingdom, I use a holistic and innovative approach that adds value to clients;

Consulting Services include:

  • Individual & Organisational Change Management – Working with people and organisations to manage change and transformation more effectively.
  • Strategy and Emergent Planning – Supporting people to clearly define purpose and values-based intentions, outcomes and aligned programs of action.
  • Promotion and Sales – Assisting people to increase product, service or brand awareness, develop customer interest and generate sales or brand loyalty.


“I worked with Courtney in her capacity as a Project Manager for Change on a significant business transformation project we undertook at Yalumba.  It was sensitive from an employee perspective and exposed us to considerable business risk.  Courtney was able to minimise the risk and develop a structured approach to organisational change.  She was thorough, professional and brought considerable energy to the project which helped us successfully complete the transformation.”  ~ Nick Waterman, Managing Director,  YALUMBA

“I have listened, read and witnessed the absolute “Positive and Inspiring influence” that your warm, engaging, passionate and very professional contributions has had on the team. Thank you for sharing your person with us for we are much more complete and better human beings as a result of your unselfish and generous actions. Smile with much pride Courtney. Positive thoughts.” ~ Murray, Senior Manager, ORIGIN ENERGY

“My experience working with Courtney over a 15 month period has been very positive. Courtney creates solutions and delivers on time and to a high standard as a result of her pro-active attitude. Courtney is friendly and approachable and therefore has the ability to engage and support people in 1:1 discussions or group presentations. Courtney encourages the business to take ownership, albeit is actively involved and steps in when a conflict or issues arises to ensure the best outcome is reached. A key coordinator to the successful delivery of the design and implementation of the Security and Risk Target Operating Model.” ~ Rene Troost, Director, Security Financial Crime and Intelligence, THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP

“I want to be sure I extend my heartfelt thanks – and admiration – to Courtney.  I can’t believe she was able to take my bullets and convert them into a work of art.  I am not sure what I am more struck by:  her rigour; her ability to know what’s important; or her ability to communicate clearly.  On top of all that, she took accountability for something that wasn’t even hers to begin with.  If we create a poster for GS&F DNA, I nominate Courtney as the embodiment of all. Thank you, Courtney.” ~ Teresa Lindsey, Head of Business Continuity, THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP


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